What we do at Meadowview, RCFE.

Meadowview Admissions

Meadowview carefully pre-assesses potential residents, both men and women, who may have various levels of need.  Our residents may require only "gentle guidance" or may need assisstance with many of their daily activities.  Residents are assisted with Activities of Daily Living, including: 

    • Medications/ Treatments Supervision
    • Nutrition and Hydration
    • Incontinence
    • Ambulatory/ Non-Ambulatory
    • Personal Hygiene/ Bathing
    • Supervision/ Leadership
    • Regular Exercise or other Therapies
    • Meaningful Activities
    • Redirection from Harmful Behaviors
    • Symptoms From Alzheimer's
    • Symptoms From Dementia
    • Catheter Use, Ileostomy, or Colostomy Care
    • Swallowing Disorders/ Assistance with Dining
    • Medical Appointments or Personal Events
    • Regular Hair Stylist Visits
    • Regular Podiatry Visits
    • Using Handicap Transport Van
    • Special Medical Services as Physician Orders


      Meadowview Mission Statement
      • Providing the highest quality of life in a comfortable, home setting that is a place of acceptance and enjoyment for residents, their families and guests, and their Caregivers.
      • Maximizing the level of personal independence with daily activities intended to maintain cognitive function, physical health and emotional well-being.
      • Promoting a feeling of belonging within a structured, non-threatening environment.
      • Cooperating with health care professionals to optimize physical care and to minimize the use of medications.
      • Assisting families to cope with the changes in their loved ones.
      • Providing ongoing training and support for Caregivers.
      When your loved one joins Our Meadowview Family, you will be able to relax and have some peace of mind knowing that we are helping you make a difficult situation the best it can be.
      Meadowview Payment
      Meadowview accepts private payments, long term care insurance payments, and payments for SSI qualified residents whose cost for care above the SSI allowance is provided by an additional source(s).
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