When I could no longer care for my husband Tom we were forced into a quick decision and chose a large well-known facility which proved to be adequate, but not satisfying.  After spending time agonizing over no privacy, loss of personal items, difficult communications, and dreading to visit, I prayed for something more personal.  I was led to Meadowview as I hope you will be.


After reading about the small home-like atmosphere, private bedrooms, the English speaking communications, and the limited number of residents at Meadowview, I could not believe the waiting list would be less than years.  It just sounded too good to be true, but I decided to go there and get on the waiting list anyway.  We were blessed to learn there was a place available.  Tom was accepted almost immediately which began an incredible journey for our family.


It was like having him at home only better.  He received better care than I could have imagined, our family was welcomed at any time to visit and stay as long as we wanted.  We even shared many tasty, home-cooked mealtimes with him.  It was a joy to visit.  I found myself looking forward to going there and not wanting to leave.  Our children and Grandchildren enjoyed visiting and playing with Grandpa.  Celebrations of holidays were held including the whole family.  The feelings of anxiety and guilt everyone has, to some degree, was nonexistent with us because of the tender loving care Tom received.


Tom was ‘born into eternity’ at Meadowview after one and a half years.  He was under the care of Hospice with all his family there.  It was truly a celebration of his life.


I have to mention that I also moved my mother there from another facility when the opportunity arose and she finished her long life of 93 yrs at Meadowview with the same wonderful care.


I can only wish the same blessings for you if you take your loved one to Meadowview.  I would be happy to talk with anyone interested in more details.  760-755-7209.


Nancy Scholder

Wife of Thomas H. Scholder

Thank You, Nancy!

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