Meadowview's Benefits
  • Ensuring Personal Dignity, with All Private Bedrooms & Private Bathrooms.
  • Understanding Special Care Nedds, with Admission and Retention of Residents who may be Ambulatory or Non-Ambulatory.
  • Enabling Companionship, with English Speaking Caregivers who value the importance of One-on-One Conversations and Relationships.
  • Providing Extra Attention with Two Caregivers for Only Six Residents.
  • Promoting Restful Sleep with Overnight Continual Monitoring of Residents and Assistance Whenever Needed.
  • Focusing on Residents' Preferences with "Home Cooked" Meals that are good tasting "Comfort Foods" and allowing Substitutions for Dietary Needs or Desires.
  • Allowing for Exceptional Care of Frail and Non-Ambulatory Residents, with the Main Bathroom Accommodating a Roll-in Shower Chair.
  • Comfortable Living with Whole House Heating, Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and Private Phone Lines for each room available.
  • Fostering relaxation with Walking Areas Inside and Outside and a Garden Gazebo for Frequent Outside Gatherings and Fresh Air.
  • Keeping in Touch with Their Family Members and Friends, with Planned Events and Parties.
  • Assuring that the Resident Will be Able to Stay Even When Care Needs Increase or if Dementia or Hospice Care is Needed.

  • Two Caregivers for Six Residents During the Day
  • Overnight Continual Monitoring and Assistance of the Residents During the Night
  • Private Bedrooms & Private Bathrooms
  • Ambulatory & Non- Ambulatory
  • Experienced Care and Supervision

Meadowview is a Non-Medical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), licensed by the State of California.  The following are, some, but not necessarily all, Prohibited Health Conditions: Stage 3 or 4 dermal ulcers, Gastronomy care, Naso-Gastric tubes, Tuberculosis and some Staph and other active infections, injections/ care considered "invasive", unless performed by a Licensed Medical Professional or, in certain situations, by the Resident safely, and the use of chemical or physical restraints.
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